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Audit Services

Who is auditing your company and agentís insurance licensing activities and needs for firm and agent licenses?

Who is reviewing your firmís Carrier agreements and signing authority?

Who is reviewing the firm and agentís reportable Administrative Actions?

If the above questions raise any concerns about the overall management and performance of your organizationís licensing and compliance status, then you should contact Exalt Compliance Concepts, LLC (ECC). Our in-depth Insurance Audit Program will provide your company with the following benefits:

  • Confirmation of correct business selling and solicitation practices.
  • Examination of correct agency/agent representation.
  • Confirmation of proper disclosure to regulatory bodies.
  • Peace of mind for the upcoming Market Conduct Review.
  • Minimized compliance deficiencies regarding insurance bureau investigations.

Insurance Audits

Compliance and due diligence are critical in todayís insurance regulatory and business environment. Insurance agencies should not assume that things are functioning as usual; firms need to be certain that they are in compliance with all state regulators.

Our professional audit services are provided efficiently and objectively. Because our methods and techniques are structured around pending, current and previous state guidelines and state statutes, Exalt is effective in helping the firmís management team implement corrective actions to minimize improper solicitation, monetary fines and Administrative Actions levied by the insurance regulators.

Why hire ECC to audit the insurance agencyís business practices and agent selling practices?

Insurance Agent Activities

Agent selling activities and practices are reviewed to ensure that the individual is properly licensed to sell and represent the firm.

Payment and Sharing of Commissions

A review of firm and agent records to verify that illegal payment and sharing of commissions are not taking place.

Review of Corporate Documents

Corporate documents are review to ensure that they reflect current and updated information regarding the firmís ownership, authorized and outstanding shares, and assets and liabilities.

ECCprovides customers with ComplianceÖ ConsistencyÖ and a Quality work product.